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padmini narasimhaiah
padmini narasimhaiah
Mr Abin of Earfit Speech and Hearing Clinic is one of the rare person I have met in the field of medical care . I am extremely impressed on the profound knowledge he has exhibited besides his exemplary manners and personal care metedout to me in solving my hearing problems. I am fully satisfied with his treatment, product selection and technical advise. He is sincere in attending to the post care needs as I have found him so prompt and effective in solving the issues. While I recommend him for any hearing inconveniences to approach him for good results , I wish him good luck in all his endeavours.
I am a parent of a 6 year old kid with profound hearing loss. I visited many audiologists but found Abin in earfit to be very humble, human and a person with good moral and ethical values. His advice saved us from spending extra money on new hearing aids and with his programing my kid started showing positive signs of speech and hearing within few days of tunning . I found Earfit to be sincere in their approach, caring towards the needs of the patient and work with great technical knowledge while most other clinics are money minded in the industry . I will definitely recommend Earfit to those with hearing problems. I wish them good luck and hope that they continue their sincere work and be a blessing for many such parents, children and families who are facing the challenges of hearing loss. Kudos to the founder of Earfit. Life is better because of people like you in the industry.
Abhilash T
Abhilash T
Such a nice clinic!! Highly recommended
Rachana B R
Rachana B R
Very good service, i went to ask for my brother regarding ear aid , explained very nicely
Vindhya Ramprasad
Vindhya Ramprasad
Good test. Not expensive
Navin Soni
Navin Soni
My hearing aid problem was solved within one minute by Mr.Jitin over phone.
Lavanya Gowri
Lavanya Gowri
Phathima and the team are very patient and knowledgeable. She corrects and sets the minute details in hearing aids which is very important. She makes the patient comfortable. We surely recommend earfit to people.
yashwanth krishna
yashwanth krishna
Excellent consultation, care and experienced staff by Earfit. Ms Fathima was really Helpful in the assessment and selection of the Hearing aid for my Mother. Pricing also very competitive by the Center Head. Highly recommended
satyabhama kishan's and harshan's mom
satyabhama kishan's and harshan's mom
It was excellent meeting Fatima.explanation was clear. She helped us in getting the discount. I can refer my friends to contact her without any second thought. Thanks so lot.
Rahul Kumar

I can't thank Earfit Clinic enough! The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout my journey to better hearing. Highly recommend!


Exceptional service and care! The team at Earfit Clinic went above and beyond to ensure I found the perfect hearing solution. Very grateful!


From the initial consultation to ongoing support, my experience at Earfit Clinic has been outstanding. They truly prioritize patient satisfaction and well-being.

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FAQs Answers to Your Most Common Questions

We Are Here To Help With Your queries !

What is hearing loss?
Hearing loss/Hearing Impairment/Deafness refers to total or partial inability to hear sounds. Hearing loss can result from genetic, complications by birth, Chronic ear infections, Usage of any particular drugs, exposing to excessive noise for longer duration & due to aging.
What is a hearing aid?
hearing aid is a device that helps a person with hearing impairment to hear better. Based on the interpretation found through standardized tests, the Audiologist will recommend the suitable device. .
will hearing aid cure my hearing loss?
hearing aid will not cure your hearing loss, rather helps in better hearing in most of the situations by amplifying the sound.
I have hearing loss in both ears, can i wear it only one ear?
It is recommended to use hearing aids in both the sides if you have a hearing issue in both the ears. Using only on one side results in sound discrimination and directionality problems.
What is the difference between analog and digital hearing aid?
Analogue hearing aid is like the conventional microphone system. It has a Microphone, Amplifier, and speaker. Whereas, in Digital hearing aids the digital chip will process the sounds and amplify according to your hearing loss. Hence maximum comfort can be obtained