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It is always mandatory to make sure your Hearing aid fits your ear canal properly, the audiologist makes sure its comfortable enough on you.

Accuracy Testing

It is necessary for the audiologist to make sure the programming is done to perfection.


Your hearing Aids Needs programming, Because they are generic, your Audiologist is entitled to programme it as necessary to your hearing loss.


You will be given instruction regaring your hearing aid, which includes swithing on and off, longitivity, cleaning, maintainance etc.,

TV adapter helps you to hear TV as the sound is being directly streamed to the device/aid. Hence this gives you hassle free TV experience….
It is a device which connects your Smartphone/Tablet with the hearing aid. It helps you to hear the smartphone videos/calls etc with ultimate clarity.
It is a device which turns your home land phone to a wireless hands free headset. One can enjoy land phone conversation much clearer with this device.

Styles of Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids vary in price, size, features and the way they are placed in your ear. The following are the different style of Hearing Aids available in the market.

Invisible In the Canal Hearing Aids(IIC)

Completely In the Canal Hearing Aids(CIC)

In The Canal Hearing Aids (ITC)

Receiver In the Canal Hearing Aids(RIC)

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids(BTE)

How it Works

Book an Appointment
Book an appointment for a Free Hearing test

Test and Trial
Try the world class technology Hearing aids at no cost

Choose the Best
Select the Hearing aid as per your lifestyle and listening comfort from the wide range of options from Invisible Hearing aids, Rechargeable Hearing Aids, Bluetooth Hearing Aids etc.

Enjoy the quality of Hearing
Hear the world with the advanced technology Hearing aids with 100% satisfaction

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    Being a complete gateway to your speech and hearning needs Ear Fit has left a legacy with 100’s of Happy faces, who have gained from our services and let us continue with even more strength in what we do.

    Puretone Audiometry is a subjective test to determine the level of hearing in person. The test will be able to give you an idea about the severity of your hearing loss.

    Many of you might have gone through ear infections, discharge, pain etc. Impedance Audiometry is an objective test that gives an idea about how your middle ear is functioning.

    First and importance step in helping understand if your baby may be deaf or hard of hearing. Babies may respond to noise by startling or turning their heads toward the sound.

    We provide a hearing aid services as well in which includes re programming, deffect exchange during service period and other product related services.

    It is carried out by a speech language pathologist or speech therapist who uses various techniques to improve the communication of individuals.

    We have a wide range of accessories to support or enhance you hearing performance which are bought from the world renowned brands.